12-Year-Old Prodigy Set To Study Aerospace Engineering At Georgia Tech

12-Year-Old Prodigy Set To Study Aerospace Engineering At Georgia Tech

12-Year-Old Prodigy
12-Year-Old Prodigy Set To Study Aerospace Engineering At Georgia Tech. Photo: CBS via YouTube

Young Sheldon and Doogie Howser have nothing on real-life kid genius Caleb Anderson. The Atlanta-based 12-year-old prodigy is slated to attend the prestigious Georgia Tech University to study aerospace engineering.

“I’m not really smart, I just grasp information quickly so if I learn quicker, I can get ahead faster,” Anderson said in an immense understatement during an interview with CBS This Morning.

Already a college sophomore who’s been studying aerospace engineering at Chattahoochee Technical College in Marietta, Georgia, Anderson was heavily recruited by Georgia Tech, including a personal visit from the university’s president.

“He’s a perfect candidate to come into our program and be very successful,” Georgia Tech Aerospace Program Chair Mark Costello told CBS, adding his admission was pretty much guaranteed.

His parents – Kobi and Claire Anderson – couldn’t be prouder. They furnished CBS with video footage of Caleb reading at 1 and doing fractions by age 2.

“I don’t think anything that Caleb’s done has been normal for us,” Claire told CBS.

“I have this distinct memory of going to the first grade class and learning there,” Caleb added. “Everyone was way taller than me, because, you know, I was two. I could barely walk.”

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Caleb admits, however, that his next-level intellect hasn’t always endeared him to his peers.

“The kids there, they kind of looked down on me or they treated me like I was an anomaly, which I kind of am,” Caleb said.

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He continued to excel, despite the teasing. Now his parents want to ensure Caleb attends a college that will provide him with the right conditions to thrive.

“We want him to be in an environment where he’s accepted and not tolerated,” Claire said. “We’re definitely protecting him,” Kobi added.

The want to position him to be a great husband father and friend when he grows up.

As for always being the smartest person in the room, Caleb said he’s become accustomed to it.

“This is my life; this is how I am and I’ve been living this way my whole life,” Caleb said.