UN Calls On Somalia To Legally Ban Pirates

UN Calls On Somalia To Legally Ban Pirates

From Business Standard

The UN Security Council has unanimously called on Somalia to pass laws banning seafaring pirates off its coasts and urged the east African nation to more aggressively combat them and the crime lords on land who finance and organize their raids.

The council passed a resolution 15-0 reauthorizing foreign ships, including the European Union Naval Force and African Union, Chinese and Pakistani forces, to continue patrolling sea lanes off Somalia and protecting shipping in the Indian Ocean.

The resolution also told Somalia to step up its efforts to arrest pirates and bring them to trial. Somali pirate cases are tried in other countries whose nationals have been held hostage or killed, or which own ships and cargos and claim jurisdiction, including the United States.

The council welcomed the news that pirate attacks off Somalia have fallen to their lowest level since 2006.

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