Amanda Seales Tells ‘New Black’ Followers Black America Should Stop Talking About Reparations And Biden’s Crime Bill

Written by Ann Brown
Amanda Seales Tells ‘New Black’ Followers Black America Should Stop Talking About Reparations And Biden’s Crime Bill Photo: Amanda Seales on Oct. 29, 2019. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)/Background photo created by freepik –

TV personality and ex- “The Real” host Amanda Seales got riled up by the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Apparently feeling the need to get undecided Black voters to vote for Biden, she urged them to shelve his issues over reparations and the 1994 Clinton-Biden Crime Bill.

“I don’t wanna hear NO MORE SHIT ABOUT REPARATIONS, BLACK AGENDA, KAMALA AS AG, THE ’94 CRIME BILL we gotta get FOCUSED on the NOW! Get 🍊 OUTTA HERE! #vote4us (shout out to @yamaneika for the YASSSS!)” Seales said on Instagram.

This didn’t sit well with many on Twitter.

“Somebody come get your girl…” cutedee tweeted.

“Understand that @amandaseales made this spineless vapid ass statement within the same 24 hour period as California Governor Newsom signed a reparations bill that affects the fifth largest economy on planet earth. You need to shut up forever. #ADOS” @iamvandal617 tweeted.

On Sept. 30, California became the first state in the country to adopt a law to study and develop proposals for potential reparations to descendants of enslaved people and those impacted by slavery, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Seales has been a target of ADOS before. ADOS co-founder Yvette Carnell has been particularly upset with the actress. In late August, Carnell posted a two-hour YouTube video entitled “Amanda Seales Gets Everything Wrong About American Blacks in Confused and Scattered Rant.”

Carnell’s video was prompted by a video Seales posted about her right to speak for the Black American cause. This set Carnell off. According to Carnell, because Seales relates to her mother’s Grenadian heritage, Seales prefers the immigrant experience over the Native Black American experience.

While Seales was born in the U.S., she has often referred to herself as Grenadian-American. Her father is African American and she has dual citizenship with Grenada, the birth home of her mother.

Carnell says Seales takes sides. “You don’t have to define yourself as a Grenadian American. It matters in the context of your anchoring. Why are you anchoring yourself in Grenada? Why are you anchoring yourself in something other than African American…You have two parents, but you are going back to Grenada.

“You position yourself as Grenadian-American and you want to know who gets to speak (for Native Black)?” Carnell asked, adding that Seales doesn’t understand the struggle of Native Blacks and their ancestors and therefore cannot speak for them.

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Seales stirred up controversy after she quit “The Real” in June but now accuses the show of stealing her ideas for a new segment, “Black Lives Matter University.”

“Seales alleges the segment is a knockoff of her YouTube and podcast network, ‘Smart Funny & Black’, and that ‘The Real’ lifted her logo of a crest and banner. She called the move by the syndicated show ‘low class’ and ‘egregious,'” Page Six reported.