MAGA Influencer KingFace Passes Away At 38, Was Reportedly In A Coma For Months

MAGA Influencer KingFace Passes Away At 38, Was Reportedly In A Coma For Months

MAGA Influencer KingFace Passes Away At 38, Was Reportedly In A Coma For Months Photo: Instagram

Trump-supporting hip-hop artist and MAGA influencer KingFace, aka. Larry Henry, reportedly died on Sept. 28 at the age of 38, according to announcements on social media by family and friends.

KingFace’s friend, fellow conservative activist Rob Smith, confirmed the social media star’s death in a post on Facebook.

Conservative hip-hop artist, Bryson Gray, tweeted, “RIP TO KINGFACE. One of the realest people I’ve ever met. He was the first person in the MAGA movement to post my music on Instagram. His video is the reason I bought the ‘Big MAGA hat’. He was the first person to let me perform with him during blexit. RIP.”

KingFace went in a coma in July after a kidney infection spread throughout his body, according to his friend, Stefan Urquelle, who posted on Instagram Live post in August.

“It was against his wishes for anyone to know anything so this is why I never spoke on the matter,” Urquelle said. “It looks like it’s taking a turn for the worse. He inspired so many people and its only right that I reach out to you guys and speak to you guys. He has a GoFundMe account because the hospital bills have gone through the roof and nobody knew anything. Nobody knew. Me and his family are the only people that knew.”

Gray made a similar statement about KingFace’s health on Aug. 26, saying KingFace was “currently fighting for his life.” He said KingFace had been in a coma since July 2020, Real Talk Time reported. He was in an intensive care unit in a New York City hospital. 

KingFace is survived by his wife, Marion Krouser. A GoFundMe page was set up to help Krouser pay for her husband’s medical bills. So far, the page has raised more than $80,500.

One of KingFace’s final public appearances was in July 2020 when he was interviewed by conservative pundit Candace Owens

On his official website, KingFace sold various types of clothing with conservative messages. He also had a section promoting Trump’s achievements.

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KingFace claimed to be a former member of the Bloods gang and admitted that he once voted for Barack Obama.

In October 2019, he was invited to the White House to take part in the Young Black Leadership Summit, according to Daily Signal.

Fans and foes addressed his reported death on Twitter.

“I could really cry right now, he brought me so much confidence and comfort in being a Trump supporter. I’m glad to know that he received roses before going,” Semajay Jenkins tweeted.

Tariq Nasheed, founder of Foundational Black Americans, tweeted, “KingFace.. the Caribbean im”migrant MAGA supporter who white supremacists used to attack Black people, so they could hide their racism…has died today…”

To which Brother Matthew @haydenjamal_ tweeted, “He had downright contempt for foundational black Americans. Oh well”.

According to his Facebook page, KingFace was living in Queens, New York, at the time of his death. He told The Epoch Times in January 2020 that he was born in Florida but moved to Brooklyn with his father when he was 3 years old.

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KingFace said he’d had a troubled youth. He told former “Grey’s Anatomy” star Isaiah Washington in a July 2020 interview on Fox that Trump had inspired him to turn his life around.

Trump “comes from the same surroundings as me,” KingFace said. “I think he’s like the people. I think he is the people. I think he understands the people.”

“He comes from Queens, New York. He made mistakes, like he’s cheated … you know, he lived a certain lifestyle and he was able to become president,” KingFace said. “I did the same thing. I’ve cheated. I’ve did things. I’ve done bad things. So … the fact that he’s going through regular human being situations and able to overcome it and be the president of the United States, I think that’s admirable.”