Former LAPD Official: Kentucky AG Is ‘Skinfolk’ But ‘Not Kinfolk

Former LAPD Official: Kentucky AG Is ‘Skinfolk’ But ‘Not Kinfolk

Former LAPD Official: Kentucky AG Is ‘Skinfolk’ But ‘Not Kinfolk. Photo: Cheryl Dorsey, Twitter. Photo: Kentucky Attorney General-elect Daniel Cameron makes his victory speech at a Republican party celebration in Louisville, Ky., Nov. 5, 2019. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)

There’s no love lost between former Los Angeles Police Department Sergeant Cheryl Dorsey and Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron. Dorsey slammed Cameron during an interview on CNN’s “The Lead With Jake Tapper” over his announcement that no charges would be filed against two of the three officers who shot Breonna Taylor to death.

Dorsey held nothing back in her scathing observation of Cameron, a Black Republican and a favorite of the GOP. 

“I found it offensive that he would call out celebrities and alleged influencers because he too says he is a Black man and somehow celebrities can’t speak for Kentuckians but as a Black man he can speak for us,” Dorsey said. “I understand that he is skin folk, not kinfolk. He doesn’t speak for me.”

Dorsey worked within LAPD for 20 years.

Only one former officer, Brett Hankinson, was changed — but not with murder. He was charged with a lesser crime — wanton endangerment. In short, ex-detective Hankinson was not charged for anything related to the killing of Taylor.

Dorsey said the attorney general was using “doublespeak” and “code talk” when talking about the “non-indictment,” Blavity reported.

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“It has nothing to do with Breonna Taylor. This was about officer Brett Hankinson firing rounds into the next-door neighbor’s apartment. It had nothing to do with the murder of Breonna Taylor,” Dorsey said. “Those officers, according to the attorney general, were justified in that use of force. Now I don’t know how 16 shots fired by one is justified use of force when officers are taught to fire two shots in rapid succession and then reassess the threat.”

Dorsey challenged Cameron’s take on the shooting. “We’ve got the attorney general saying that it was justified. Now they’re giving their truth [but] I don’t know if it’s the truth. They’re saying that Breonna’s boyfriend fired the first shot. I don’t know that that’s true. We know that they’ll lie. They have. They said that they rendered aid. They said that there are no cameras. They said that they announced and there has been evidence contrary to that,” Dorsey explained.

“So now we’re stuck with their version of events. And that’s what happens when the police kill us. There is only one version to tell and that’s the one they put forth. I’m not buying it,” she added. 

Cameron, whose candidacy was endorsed by President Donald Trump, once faced a racially charged attack that caused Republican Sen. Tim Scott to intervene last year. Louisville attorney Dawn Elliot had argued that Cameron needed to stop “eating the coon flakes the White House is serving,” Fox News reported.

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Scott, in turn, tweeted that the incident showed that racism knows no party.

“Now my friend @djaycameron is under racist attack by a liberal lawyer, saying he needs to stop eating ‘coon flakes,’ Well, if that doesn’t prove racism knows no party I don’t know what does,” he tweeted in August 2019.