China’s Future In Africa Could Hinge On Environmental Regulations

China’s Future In Africa Could Hinge On Environmental Regulations

From Global Times.

China’s appetite for resources and reputation for environmental exploitation in developing countries have raised concerns about how sustainable its business ventures are in Africa, according to a report in Global Times.

Africa has attracted investments from China, the U.S., Brazil, India, Europe and others. China’s investments hold critical promise for the continent, according to Kenya-based journalist Mark Kapchanga. A recent summit on China-Africa cooperation saw more  commitments into Africa’s agriculture.

Sino-African trade in 2012 hit $198.5 billion, about $90 billion more than between Africa and the U.S., according to the report.

African environmentalists say China has failed to adhere to basic safeguards in regards to nature, Kapchanga said. Policy reforms are needed if the relationship with China is to remain conducive.

Africa’s history of resource exploitation by the West, coupled with Beijing’s lack of environmental framework, has led to calls for China not to be entertained on the African soil, Kapchanga said.

China has come up with a nonbinding plan to protect the environment: The Guidelines for Environmental Protection in Foreign Investment and Cooperation holds Chinese firms responsible for environmental and social impacts outside China.

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