LinqUs Facebook SIM Application Launches in Morocco

LinqUs Facebook SIM Application Launches in Morocco

From ITWeb

Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, announces that Inwi, the award-winning* Moroccan mobile telecoms company, is the first to deploy the latest version of its LinqUs Facebook-for-SIM mobile application, which now includes the popular Facebook Messenger feature.

Inwi’s 12 million Moroccan subscribers will have the opportunity to enjoy seamless and intuitive mobile access to the world’s leading social network site. In a country where smartphone penetration is only at 16%**, the solution provides an opportunity for the many users to enjoy Facebook’s services from any type of mobile phone, and without having to incur additional Internet connection charges.

Gemalto’s turnkey social media package offers a gateway to all of Facebook’s core functions and services, such as friend requests, status updates, notifications and news feed, via a user-friendly interface on the handset. No data subscription is required and, with the addition of Facebook Messenger, people can now directly chat with their friends or send private messages any time and anywhere.

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