MAGA Puts Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron On Supreme Court List: Is He The Next Clarence Thomas?

MAGA Puts Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron On Supreme Court List: Is He The Next Clarence Thomas?

Daniel Cameron
MAGA put Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron on the Supreme Court nominee list. Is he the next Clarence Thomas? Photo: Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron speaks during the Republican National Convention, Aug. 25, 2020. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

If MAGA has its way, the only African American to serve on the current Supreme Court may have some company. Trump has listed Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron as a potential U.S. Supreme Court nominee, triggering comparisons to the conservative Thomas.

The longest-serving justice on the Supreme Court, Thomas joined the bench on Oct. 19, 1991, and he has since written more than 700 opinions. Thomas has been known to flex his conservative views while on the court.

“By consensus, Thomas is the most conservative member of the court. So it’s surprising that the central theme of his jurisprudence is race,” Corey Robin wrote in the book The Enigma of Clarence Thomas.” 

Thomas became a new symbol of conservatism in the Trump Era, New York Times reported. But now, Cameron may become MAGA’s new favorite conservative Black Justice. He would be the third Black American on the Supreme Court. (Democrat Thurgood Marshall was the first Black Supreme Court Justice, from 1967 until 1991.)

At age 34, Cameron is one of 21 potential nominees for the U.S. Supreme Court and a protege of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who was recently a guest at Cameron’s wedding

But Cameron would be a long shot for the court, given his age and lack of experience. Elected to the attorney general post in November 2019, he was admitted to the American Bar Association nine years ago, The Courier-Journal reported.

Federal judges should have at least 12 years in practice to serve on the lowest level of the federal bench, let alone the Supreme Court, per Bar recommendations, according to Dan Goldberg, legal director for Alliance for Justice.

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Cameron will be working on the high-profile Breonna Taylor case. Taylor was unarmed and in bed when she was shot dead by Louisville, Kentucky, police conducting a botched no-knock warrant at her apartment. Her death triggered protests around the country.

Cameron is set to represent the findings of his office’s investigation into the shooting. After that, a grand jury will decide whether any of the officers involved should face criminal charges, Wave 3 reported.

The Moguldom Nation founder Jamarlin Martin tweeted, “Jay-Z: ‘y’all stop actin’ brand new/Like Tupac ain’t have a nose ring too’ Why do Symbolism Democrats act like the Democratic Party doesn’t have their own versions Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron? He’s doing what he has to do to move up within his party, the system. Climb the ladder.”