New Talent Needed To Grow South African Businesses

Written by Ann Brown


With the high number of skills shortages in South Africa, local businesses have begun searching for talent from the rest of Africa.

“People see South Africa as the landing point in terms of moving up through Africa. South African companies are at the forefront of that and are trying to find people with local knowledge but with international expertise and great education to head up companies in the rest of Africa,” Megan de Villiers, a strategist at Homecoming Revolution told CNBC Africa.She further explained that Homecoming Revolution, the platform for African skills repatriation, have begun expanding their footprint into countries like Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana in order to search for the skills that South Africa lacks for the corporate world.  

Businesses in the financial services industry, construction, engineering, broadcasting and information technologies are where skills are currently short in the country.

While this trend may be good for the continent as a whole, it also means that South African graduates may find it even more challenging to find work as foreign professionals from Africa begin filling in the top skilled vacancies.

This may further impact South Africa’s Department of Education as well as youth unemployment. De Villiers therefore stated that the country will need to really begin performing in order to ensure that South Africa is still ahead in terms of education and producing skilled professionals.

“We can’t assume that we’re at the frontier of growth through Africa. We really do have to try and put the best foot forward and make sure we’re in front of the pack,” she said.

Written by Farhaanah Mahomed/Read more at CBNC