Artist Noname Moves On From Beyoncé: Obama Is A War Criminal, Black Lives Matter Started Under Him

Artist Noname Moves On From Beyoncé: Obama Is A War Criminal, Black Lives Matter Started Under Him

Hip-hop artist Noname moves on from Beyoncé to Obama. She says he is a war criminal and that Black Lives Matter started under him. Photo: Noname performs at FYF Fest Day 2 at Exposition Park on July 22, 2017, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision/AP)

Noname is becoming more known for making controversial statements than for her music these days. Not long ago she got stung by the Beyhive after going in on Beyoncé’s recently-released visual album, “Black Is King.” 

Now, Noname has moved on from Beyoncé to former President Barack Obama. 

When “Black Is King” was released, Noname tweeted, “We love an African aesthetic draped in capitalism. Hope we remember the Black folks on the continent whose daily lives are impacted by U.S. imperialism. If we can uplift the imagery, I hope we can uplift those who will never be able to access it. Black liberation is a global struggle.”

Beyoncé fans took this as slight to the singer and her work. They verbally attacked Noname online, Uproxx reported.

This backlash didn’t stop Noname from speaking her mind. She has also had a beef with J. Cole, with whom she traded diss tracks and tweets.

Recently she called out Obama, labeling him a war criminal.

The hip-hop artist tweeted on Aug. 26, “black lives matter started under obama. not some big bad buggyman fascist president, but neoliberal democrat war criminal. OBAMA. biden will not abolish police. that’s not his job. he wants to be the leader of an african/indigenous murder machine. abolishing the police is our job”.

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Noname wasn’t finished. She added, “take this time to read and learn as much as you can about abolition/capitalism then link up with wit radical orgs in your community. no matter who wins in november more black people will die. if we actually want a new world, WE have to build it.”

None of the presidents have done their job, according to Chicago-based Noname. While she said she doesn’t like Trump, she refuses the say he’s the worst president in history.

“Framing Trump as the worst president in U.S. history is unproductive and misleading,” Noname tweeted in July, Complex reported. “You can’t measure presidents against each other when they’ve all in one way or another enacted crimes against humanity. Unless a president abolishes this U.S. colonial empire, they are all the same.”

She did add that Trump has “no business in any position of power”, but she pointed out that some of his predecessors were responsible for some of the biggest atrocities, both domestically and abroad.

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Noname continued her thread: “… Let’s not forget who expanded the industrial complex. Let’s not forget who had more drone strike than any other president,” she continued. “Let’s not forget the 200,000 murdered during the ‘war on terror,’ which was imperialism.”

Obama authorized more than 500 drone strikes, according to the fact-checking resource Snopes. In early 2019, Trump canceled the Obama policy of reporting drone strikes and deaths, no longer requiring U.S. intelligence officials to disclose that information to the public outside of war zones, NBC News reported.