Best Stories Today

Best Stories Today

Tuesday 08.18.2020

NYPD Used Disputed Facial Recognition Technology To Hunt Down Black Lives Matter Activist

Controversial facial recognition technology was used by the New York Police Department to track down a prominent Black Lives Matter activist, according to a new report.

Kanye West Tells Biden And Trump To Read Dr. Claud Anderson’s ‘Powernomics’ To Restore Black Community

Dr. Claud Anderson is considered a great thinker on Black economics and how the Black community can empower itself economically.

What Is Imperial Feminism? The American Empire-Defending Weapon Explained

What is imperial feminism? While the latter part of the term is familiar, the imperial attachment to the name changes its meaning.

If China And Russia Launch Nuclear War, Which U.S Cities Would Be Hit First And Why?

The chance of a nuclear bomb hitting a U.S. city is unlikely but not out of the question, nuclear experts say.

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UNC-Chapel Hill converts to remote learning after reporting 135 new COVID-19 cases within a week of starting classes

The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill (UNC-Chapel Hill) has pivoted to remote learning after reporting 135 new Covid-19 cases and four clusters of the virus within the first week of starting in-person classes. They made the announcement of the change on Monday, NBC News reported.