ADOS Reparations Movement Co-Founder Yvette Carnell Goes Primetime On CNN

ADOS Reparations Movement Co-Founder Yvette Carnell Goes Primetime On CNN

ADOS reparations movement co-founder Yvette Carnell appeared on CNN’s primetime show “United Shades of America” with political observer W. Kamau Bell. Photo: W. Kamau Bell, Sept. 9, 2017, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)/ Photo of Yvette Carnell, Twitter.

Yvette Carnell, co-founder of the American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) reparations movement, went primetime Sunday on the CNN program “United Shades of America” with political observer W. Kamau Bell.

On the show, Carnell not only laid out the reasons why ADOS feels reparations are due but also why ADOS says only Native Black Americans should be the recipients.

ADOS was founded by Carnell and Antonio Moore. Carnell runs a weekly political show called “BreakingBrown” and has been an aide to two Democratic politicians, Sen. Barbara Boxer and Rep. Robert Marion Berry. ADOS believes in reparations for Native Black Americans.

Who is included when you do reparations? “The people who bear the cost are the descendants of American chattel slaves,” Carnell said, “Because it’s not just about experiencing racism. It’s a who built the country and who has been bottom casted.

“There has to be some economic redistribution to American descendants of slavery… you can come up with a bill for everything else,” Carnell said. “Nobody has any problem talking about how many trillions are going to be committed for Medicare for All. So you have to come to me with the same kind of plans you come to every other group with.

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“You have to come to me with a budget. I think this election year is a good time to hold candidates accountable,” Carnell told Bell. “If everyone has to live with him (Trump) for another four years because we don’t come out in droves and support a candidate who isn’t going to do anything specifically for us then it’s not our fault.

“Trump is a horrible racist. We haven’t encouraged anyone to stay home but we have encouraged Democratic down-ballot. Vote for Democrats but top of the ticket, there’s no love unless you come to us and say, “We have a reparations plan which includes financial outlays. We have a budget attached to this. That’s what we’re pushing for.”

Carnell’s message triggered a heated debate on Twitter.

Uhlume A.D.O.S. Behembaba tweeted a list of groups that have received reparations. “But when it comes to American Descendants of Slavery (#ADOS) people become so confused.”

In reply to that, Johnson @barricade450 tweeted, “Israel receives over $3 billion in direct foreign assistance each year, which is roughly one-fifth of America’s entire foreign aid budget. I found some of our reparations money #ADOS”.

Louisville Metro Councilman and ADOS activist @jecoreyarthur tweeted, “#ADOS isn’t about who’s black. It’s about whose back…Whose back built this country?Whose back was whipped?Whose back is breaking now?Whose back is against the wall?Whose back holds up everyone else’s success?”THANK YOU for your work! @BreakingBrown @tonetalks”

For mslltasha @MsTeeVernWatching, the episode made her better understand the call for reparations. She tweeted, “@BreakingBrown #ADOS #angelaproject is where I learned about the data that supports our case for reparations. Not #1619Project .#UnitedShades”

Vandal @iamvandal617 was impressed with Carnel. She posted, “Yvette bravely & unapologetically centers the economic devastation and exclusion of Black men while BLM and everyone in the Black chattering class uses our corpses as soapboxes and stepping stones. She is truly the Ida B. Wells of this generation. Protect her at all costs #ADOS”

Landy Taylor @landytaylor1 touched on the controversy around reparations, tweeting, “Each & EVERY time we self advocate, we’re ALWAYS labeled “controversial”, “agitators”, & now we’re labeled “divisive”, & ‘xenophobic.’ When all we’re trying to do, is rush much needed aid to our people. We’re dying & no one cares. There is a multi-generational debt owed to us!”

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