Informant: Chicago Black Disciples Boss May Have Been Murdered Over Missing Drugs From Mexican Cartel

Informant: Chicago Black Disciples Boss May Have Been Murdered Over Missing Drugs From Mexican Cartel

Chicago Shootings

A police informant told the FBI that the Chicago Black Disciples’ boss may have been murdered over missing drugs from a Mexican cartel. Image: Robert Couse-Baker via Flickr

Lawrence “Big Law” Loggins, 46, was the leader of Black Disciples, one of Chicago’s oldest and largest gangs, until he was shot to death last year in a parked car.

His murder remained a mystery until a police informant claimed in an affidavit that Loggins was murdered over missing drugs from a Mexican cartel.

There is a sweeping drug case involving a load of drugs supplied by the Gulf Cartel, a Mexican drug cartel, according to an FBI court filing. There have been 23 individuals arrested who are facing criminal charges as part of a federal investigation into drug and gun trafficking on Chicago’s South Side, ABC News reported.

Black Disciples leader Loggins was shot to death on Feb. 6, 2019, in a parked car in front of his home. His right-hand man, Kenneth Brown, suffered a graze wound. 

Brown was later selected to run the Black Disciples behind the scenes and supply it with drugs and guns, while two other, unnamed members would be the “face” of the gang, the FBI said the informant told them. 

The informant claimed that Brown said a drug shipment from the Gulf Cartel arrived in Chicago and that he planned to move the drugs to a secure place — but the drugs were “now unaccounted for,” along with 85 guns, The Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Brown told the informant that Loggins’ killing was “related to these narcotics and firearms,” according to the FBI. Brown also said he recovered some of the missing drugs and collected $450,000 to pay the gang’s cartel, the informant said.

In a September 2019 raid, federal agents seized 10 kilograms of cocaine from a South Side storage unit Brown was renting, according to the affidavit.

The informant was a Black Disciples member who had been arrested in 2018 on gun and drug charges. The FBI paid him more than $40,000 for his help. The informant got off on probation in the drug charge and the gun case was dismissed, court records reveal.

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Darnell “Murder” McMiller, the “current leader of the Chicago Black Disciples,” was also charged in the new sweep. He was released from prison in April 2019 after serving an eight-year federal drug sentence, according to prosecutors.

At one point in its history, the Black Disciples has boasted of at least 4,000 members in Chicago, according to the police. The gang started as the Black Gangster Disciples in the ’60s on Chicago’s South Side.