New 2020 Poll: Majority Of Americans Support Reparations For Black People

New 2020 Poll: Majority Of Americans Support Reparations For Black People

Reparations for Black People
A new poll has shown a majority of Americans now support reparations for Black people after the brutal murder of George Floyd. Image: Inspection and sale of a negro Digital ID: (b&w film copy neg.) cph 3a17639 http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/cph.3a17639 Reproduction Number: LC-USZ62-15392 (b&w film copy neg.) Repository: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540

A new poll has shown a majority of Americans now support reparations for Black people. Released by Democracy in Color and Civiqs, the poll shows support for HR 40 – a bill that would establish a commission to study the effects of slavery and discrimination on Black Americans – has increased among all ethnic groups, the Milwaukee Community Journal reported.

The poll found those in favor of the bill – which has been introduced in Congress for the last 41 years, first by Rp. John Conyers the by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee – increased dramatically since the Black Lives Matter movement has been reignited by the murder of George Floyd.

According to the poll, support for HR 40 increased from 65 percent to 84 percent among Black Americans, 37 percent to 67 percent among Hispanic Americans and 23 percent to 39 percent among white Americans.

The numbers show a major change in sentiment. Prior polls showed most Americans – particularly white Americans – opposed paying reparations to Black American descendants of slavery.

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In addition to support for HR 40, Democracy in Color’s findings show 79 percent of survey respondents believe racial and ethnic discrimination is a problem in America; 56 percent believe Congress has dropped the ball in addressing inequality and 53 percent don’t believe the country has done enough overall to address it.

“This poll indicates that there is a cultural shift on reparations taking place in this country,” said Steve Phillips, Founder of Democracy in Color. “In the more than 30 years since Rep. John Conyers introduced H.R. 40, we believe there has never been a political climate more favorable to passing the bill. I urge House leadership to seize this moment and quickly move H.R. 40 to the floor for a vote.”

Professor and top economist William ‘Sandy’ Darity said he hoped the new poll’s findings were accurate.

“As #reparationists, @IrstenKMullen and I hope, deeply, that these new poll numbers on support for reparations are accurate–and sustainable,” Darity tweeted.