Hardcore MAGA Soldier Sen. Tom Cotton Suggests Slavery Was A Necessary Evil To Build America For Free

Written by Ann Brown
Hardcore MAGA soldier and defender of slavery Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas suggests that slavery was a necessary evil to build America for free. Photo: Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., questions Former FBI Director James Comey during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Capitol Hill, June 8, 2017. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Sen. Tom Cotton, a Republican representing Arkansas, isn’t a fan of the Pulitzer Prize-winning project “The 1619 Project” from the New York Times.

The project, crafted by Nikole Hanna-Jones, reexamines the history of slavery in the U.S. and has stirred up a debate about systemic racism and slavery. Now a year after its first publication, Cotton wants to keep the project out of schools.

The conservative lawmaker proposed a bill last week that seeks to ban schools from adopting the project as a part of their curriculum, the Washington Post reported. “The 1619 Project” is a series of essays, poetry, and fiction focused around slavery, but according to Cotton, the project is fake news. 

“As the Founding Fathers said, it (slavery) was the necessary evil upon which the union was built,” Cotton told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. “The union was built in a way, as Lincoln said, to put slavery on the course to its ultimate extinction.”

Of course, these comments sparked clashes on Twitter between politicians, media figures, journalists, and everyday people. 

Ida Bae Wells (@nhannahjones) tweeted, “If chattel slavery — heritable, generational, permanent, race-based slavery where it was legal to rape, torture, and sell human beings for profit — were a “necessary evil” as @TomCottonAR says, it’s hard to imagine what cannot be justified if it is a means to an end.”

Ricky Dale Harrington Jr. (@RickyFor) pointed out on Twitter, “You will be facing Arkansas’ first African American candidate for US Senate. Let us debate on this issue now!!”

There is a school curriculum based on the 1619 Project that was created in a partnership between the Times and the nonprofit Pulitzer Center. The curriculum is intended for use in primary and secondary schools nationwide, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported.

The project “aims to reframe the country’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans at the very center of our national narrative.”

Cotton’s legislation, entitled “ Saving American History Act of 2020,” claims the project “a distortion of American history.”

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“The 1619 Project is left-wing propaganda. It’s revisionist history at its worst,” Cotton said in an interview.

In a written statement, Times spokesman Jordan Cohen said the project “is based in part on decades of recent scholarship by leading historians of early America that has profoundly expanded our sense of the colonial and Revolutionary period. Much of this scholarship has focused on the central role that slavery played in the nation’s founding.”