New WSJ Poll: 82 Percent Of Democrats Believe U.S. Society Is Racist

New WSJ Poll: 82 Percent Of Democrats Believe U.S. Society Is Racist

A new and revealing Wall Street Journal survey shows that a whopping 82 percent of Democrats believe that U.S. society is racist. Image: drawkit

A whopping 82 percent of Democrats believe that the U.S. society is racist, according to a new Wall Street Journal poll. Additionally, 57 percent of U.S. voters said they support racial-justice protests sparked by the police killing of George Floyd. Nearly three-quarters of Americans, 71 percent, believe that race relations are either very or fairly bad, a 16-point increase since February, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The poll also revealed that nearly 60 percent in the survey said that Black people face discrimination, and just over half said so of Hispanics, about double the shares from 2008.

“Americans are concerned about issues of inequality, and George Floyd’s death helped contribute to that,” said Brenda Lee, a pollster who worked on the survey with Democrat Jeff Horwitt and Republican Bill McInturff. “We’ve moved the needle a great deal in terms of just clearly identifying that we, as Americans, have an issue with racism in this society.”

But while the WSJ poll may have revealed this, multiple polls recently found that about 70 percent of white Democrats oppose reparations. So on one hand, white Democrats admit the society is racist, very few of them want to agree to compensation for the racism inflicted on Black people. 

The Journal/NBC News poll also looked at how members of the two main political parties view racial discrimination — and there were vast differences.

An overwhelming majority of Democrats, 90 percent, said Black people are discriminated against, whereas just 26 percent of Republicans agreed. And while 82 percent of  Democrats believe American society is racist, only 30 percent of Republicans feel the same way.

When looking at the nationwide protests, an overall 57 percent of voters support them.

When it comes to the removal of Confederate statues, 41 percent believe that Confederate monuments should be moved and reinstalled in museums, while 31 percent would leave them in place but add a plaque to explain their historical context. About 16 percent would leave such monuments in place just as they are.

Not too many of those polled were impressed with Trump’s handling of racial relations —  63 percent of voters saying they disapprove and 33 percent approving. 

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Part of the poll examined systemic racism. “A majority of Black voters in the survey, 65 percent, said that people of color experience racial discrimination because it is built into American society, including U.S. policies and institutions. By contrast, a plurality of white voters, 48 percent, attributed racial discrimination to individuals who hold racist views, as opposed to institutions and society as a whole,” The Wall Street Journal reported.

And, opinions of the Black Lives Matter movement differ by race. Among Black voters, 76 percent hold a positive view of BLM, while views were almost evenly divided among white voters, with 42 percent holding a positive view and 39 percent a negative one. But overall, about half of voters see the movement in a positive light, up from 38 percent in 2016.