Angela Benton’s Streamlytics Opens An Investment Opportunity To The Public Via Crowdfunding

Written by Dana Sanchez
Angela Benton’s tech company, Streamlytics, has opened an investment opportunity to the public via equity crowdfunding. Image provided by Angela Benton

Streamlytics, a tech company that helps users reclaim ownership of their data and monetize it, has opened an equity crowdfunding offering for the public to participate as owners.

Streamlytics hopes to raise $250,000 in 90 days with a minimum investment of $225, based on a $20 million pre-money valuation.  

The offering is available on StartEngine, a crowdfunding platform that lets everyday people invest and buy shares in startups and early growth companies.

Angela Benton, the founder and CEO of Streamlytics, is a pioneer in raising awareness of the inequalities that exist in technology industries.

A former IAC executive, Benton founded and is counted among the most influential women in tech.

An analytics company, Streamlytics uses media consumption data to bring transparency to what people are streaming while helping consumers own their data in the process.

Users’ data ownership, privacy, and portability are increasingly showing up in congressional hearings and regulations debates. Consumers and governments are challenging lack of transparency at internet companies over terms of use and privacy policies.

“Since I conceived Streamlytics it’s always been my goal to allow the public to invest,” Benton said in an email to Moguldom. “I believe that it’s not just important to own your data, but that it’s also important for you to have an ownership stake in the company who helps you own your data.”

Benton has experience raising capital from traditional investors. She founded NewME in 2011, the first accelerator for Black people and people of color. Through her leadership, NewME accelerated hundreds of entrepreneurs and helped their companies raise over $47 million in venture capital funding. NewMe was acquired in late 2018 by LightHouse, the parent company of the Cincinnati-based Hillman Accelerator program.

“There is something special about allowing everyday people participate as an owner,” Benton said. “I’m especially excited about what this type of ownership can do for Black communities who typically don’t get a chance to invest in high growth startups.”

Streamlytics has raised two rounds, most recently in September 2019, led by Issa Rae for an undisclosed amount.


Listen to GHOGH with Jamarlin Martin | Episode 05: Angela Benton  Angela Benton talks about starting NewMe Accelerator, whose Black and brown founders have raised $47 million in venture capital. Super-early to Black tech media with BlackWeb 2.0, she discusses building her personal brand while being a single mother, battling cancer, and whether or not most of the “diversity” gains in Silicon Valley will go to privileged white women.

Streamlytics claims to be the only platform that sources accurate streaming data directly from the source. Its focus is on the streaming account used to interact with media versus the device (Smart TV, phone, tablet) the media is displayed on.

Users opt in to share their streaming data across platforms and are compensated for sharing their data. Once connected through a Streamlytics app, the platform collects media consumption in three ways:

  1. A user’s existing streaming media consumption data, across platforms
  2. Self-reported media consumption data
  3. Passive media consumption data

This information is transformed into a data license, where users own their media consumption habits and are compensated for it.

Asked how she came up with the $20 million valuation, Benton said this in the public-comments section of her StartEngine page:

“The valuation is justified by our technology. The Universal Data Interchange Format is a completely new file standard and how we process data on the backend. We are in the process of filing the patent. Additionally, our data valuation algorithm is proprietary and will also be patented. Based on these underlying technologies AND the market valuations of similar early-stage companies, we think this is a fair offering.”