10 Tips For Starting Your Own Online Course Business

10 Tips For Starting Your Own Online Course Business

10 Tips for starting your own online course business, from the platform Teachable, an online space for students and teachers. Image: Unsplash

The platform Teachable allows people to share their knowledge with others by making and selling online courses. An online space for students and teachers, Teachable published an extensive report about how entrepreneurs can make money sharing their knowledge.

With the company valued at $134 million in 2018, Teachable CEO and founder Ankur Nagpal said that the platform has driven $500 million in earnings for teachers on its platform. Nearly half of that was earned in the previous year, Nagpal said in a March Techcrunch interview.

Here are some highlights from the report: 10 Tips for starting your own online course business.

Narrow down your audience

Your course can be successful without targeting millions of people.

Use premium pricing

Selling your course at a higher price makes it easier to meet revenue goals. Students also tend to be more invested in a class they paid more money for. 

Use promotions

Offering coupons and free trials is a great way to attract potential customers to your online course.

Focus on one course

You can make a living wage teaching only one course. More than half of the top-earning schools on Teachable offer one-to-five courses.

Remain consistent

Teachable CEO Ankur Nagpal says, “Just keep going until it happens. Because it will happen.”

Set goals and work backwards to reach them

The actions you take for your business are directly related to the goals you set.

Be genuine

People will be drawn to your course because of your authenticity.

Shorter content is better

Shorter courses and videos allow your students to learn skills quickly.

Discussion forums

This tool helps to build a community around your course.


Quizzes keep students engaged with the class.