Georgia State Authorities Say MAGA Killer Of Ahmaud Arbery Used N-Word After Cold-Blooded Murder

Georgia State Authorities Say MAGA Killer Of Ahmaud Arbery Used N-Word After Cold-Blooded Murder

Georgia State authorities say the MAGA killer of unarmed jogger Ahmaud Arbery used the N-word after the cold-blooded murder.

It would be hard to imagine that the murder of 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery by two white men could get any more brutal. It has. The man who killed the unarmed man when he was out jogging in Georgia called him the N-word after shooting him, according to an investigator.

A special agent who investigating Arbery’s murder recently reported details of the aftermath of the fatal shooting. The gunman, Travis McMichael, called Arbery a “fu**ing ni**er” after shooting and killing him, said Richard Dial with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation during a June 4 preliminary hearing, according to Vibe.

There’s more. Dial testified that Travis used the N-word on other occasions. 

“One particular one that comes to mind was he made the statement that he loved his job because he’s out on a boat and there aren’t any N-words anywhere,” Dial said according to NBC News.

Travis, 34, and his father, Gregory McMichaels, 54, attended the hearing via videophone from jail. The third man arrested, William “Roddie” Bryan, did not attend the hearing. During the hearing, the judge ruled that there was enough evidence for a trial. Bryan reportedly told investigators about Travis using the N-word after killing Arbery. The McMichaels deny using the word. True or not, the use of a racial slur won’t affect the case since Georgia has no hate crime laws, Vibe reported.

The McMichaels are charged with felony murder and aggravated assault. The father-and-son team hunted down Arbery while he was out for a run in February. 

Bryan, who videotaped the incident on his cell phone, also admitted to trying to block Arbery with his truck before hitting him with the vehicle, according to Dial. “The victim was chased, hunted down and ultimately executed at the hands of these men,” Cobb County Chief Assistant D.A. Jesse Evans said in court.

Bryan faces felony murder, criminal contempt, and false imprisonment charges. 

What’s even more distributing is that white supremacists have a new code for the N-word. It’s “jogger” — a direct reference to the death of Arbery.

They are using the word “jogger” in lieu of the N-word on the internet, Vice reported: “Over recent years, online extremists have been constructing a shared, private language that they use to dog-whistle in public, online arenas without having to worry about getting banned for hate speech. ‘Jogger’ is just the latest example.”

“In the twisted, putrid world of white supremacy, those who murder and maim Blacks become folk heroes,” said Brian Levin, who leads the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino. “Whether it’s the Klan, their support for George Zimmerman, or even Dylann Roof.”

White supremacists have been posting “jogger” under pictures of Obama or articles about crime involving African Americans.