10 Of The Best Political Quotes From Reggae Legend Bob Marley

10 Of The Best Political Quotes From Reggae Legend Bob Marley

Jamaican Reggae singer Bob Marley talks to reporters before a practice match with friends and musicians at a soccer field in Paris, France, on May 10, 1977. Marley and friends were due to play in a friendly match against French personalities, but due to bad weather the match was cancelled. (AP Photo)

The legendary Bob Marley used his music to send important messages. Here are some of his most powerful political quotes.

“Better to die fighting for freedom than be a prisoner all the days of your life.”

“A hungry mob is an angry mob”

From “Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)” (1974)

“If something can corrupt you, you’re corrupted already.”

“Today they say that we are free, only to be chained in poverty.” 

From “Slave Driver” (1973)

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“Why can’t we roam this open country? Oh, why can’t we be what we want to be? We want to be free!”

From “Rebel Music” (1974)

“Get up, stand up! Stand up for your rights! Get up, stand up! Don’t give up the fight!

From “Get Up Stand Up” (1973)

“Never make a politician grant you a favor. They will always want to control you forever.”

From “Revolution” (1974)

“Well… You say dabble in politics? I don’t know what that is. You say stand up and talk for my rights? I know what that is.”

From a 1979 interview in New Zealand

“Yeah, I see myself as a revolutionary who has no help and takes no bribe from no one. I fight it single-handed–with music!”

From a 1979 interview in New Zealand

“It takes a revolution to make a solution.”

From “Revolution” (1974)