U.S. Economy Is Dying, Bitcoin Will Rise To $75,000 In 3 Years, Says ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author

U.S. Economy Is Dying, Bitcoin Will Rise To $75,000 In 3 Years, Says ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author

With the U.S. economy dying, bitcoin will rise to $75,000 in three years, says “Rich Dad Poor Dad” author, Robert Kiyosaki. (Photo: Twitter)

Businessman Robert Kiyosaki, author of the bestselling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” remains bullish on bitcoin, especially during the covid-19 pandemic. Bitcoin is the way to go in the current U.S. economy, the author said on Twitter.

In a May 16 tweet, Kiyosaki said that his fear of a dying economy has led him to “purchase more of three assets that he ostensibly considers valuable outside of the traditional financial system: Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin (BTC),” Coin Telegraph reported. On top of this, Kiyosaki predicted that bitcoin’s price will rise nearly 100 percent per year over the next three years to $75,000.

“Bought more gold silver Bitcoin,” he tweeted. “GOLD [currently] at $1700. Predict $3000 in 1 year. Silver [currently] at $17. Predict $40 in 5 years. Bitcoin [currently] at $9800. Predict $75000 in 3 years.”

By the numbers, this prediction reflects an expected yearly increase of approximately 76 percent for gold, 19 percent for silver and 97 percent for Bitcoin. At least by Kiyosaki’s reckoning, bitcoin has the most favorable profit potential of the three.

Kiyosaki looked at the U.S. economy. In April, retail sales dropped a record 16.4 percent while manufacturing output posted a record-breaking 13.7 percent decrease, The Daily Hodl reported.

The Federal Reserve indicated it expected the U.S. economy to “tank” by the end of the second quarter. 

Kiyosaki has expressed his favor for bitcoin on other occasions.  In an April appearance on Anthony Pompliano’s podcast, Kiyosaki praised Bitcoin, saying, “The reason I endorse Bitcoin is just for one frickin reason — you’re not part of the system.” He also said that “gold and silver are God’s money, and bitcoin is open-source people’s money.”

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Kiyosaki predicts that bitcoin will go parabolic once the U.S. dollar enters bear territory.

Kiyosaki isn’t the only one with a growing interest in Bitcoin. Former IT professional and computer engineering teacher Isaiah Jackson, who wrote “Bitcoin and Black America,” is strongly urging Black people to look into and invest in bitcoin.

Celebrated TV host Max Keiser also sees bitcoin soaring. In fact, Keiser recently predicted that the bitcoin price is going to skyrocket to $400,000 as the coronavirus outbreak sees financial markets tumble to crisis levels.