Caught On Camera: Delivery Driver Blocked By HOA President Who Demands, ‘Who Gave You The Gate Code?’

Caught On Camera: Delivery Driver Blocked By HOA President Who Demands, ‘Who Gave You The Gate Code?’

Caught on camera: A delivery driver was blocked by a homeowners association president in the Oklahoma City area who demanded, “Who gave you the gate code?” (Photo: Twitter)

A local delivery driver in the Oklahoma City area was confronted by a white man for being in a gated community and it was all caught on Facebook Live.

The Facebook video, captured by appliance deliveryman Travis Miller, shows a man blocking Miller’s path and intensely questioning him in a gated Edmond neighborhood. 

David Stewart blocked Miller from leaving the gated community for nearly an hour. Miller called the police who never arrived, The Lost Ogle reported.

In the viral video, Stewart is seen demanding that Miller tell him who he is and why he is in the community, KFOR reported.

“It’s none of your business. I’m going out, that’s where I’m going,” Miller replies. 

“Got me blocked in so I can’t leave,” Miller says to the camera, showing Stewart’s white Subaru blocking the road ahead out of the gated community.

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“My name is David Stewart,” Stewart says, adding that he is the homeowners association president.

“I don’t care what your name is, move out the way,” Miller says. 

Another homeowner joins Stewart about 30 minutes later and asks Miller how he got the gate code. 

Miller told KFOR he did not want to share his customer’s personal information so he did not answer. 

Finally, about an hour later, Stewart moved his car.

“They must have contacted the customer because the customer came around and (Stewart) moved out the way,” Miller said. 

Miller, with tears rolling down his face, is seen calling the police himself, WTRF reported. 

“I don’t know what prompted him to, or what has happened in that neighborhood, for him to respond the way he did,” Miller told WTFR. 

“I just know that emotionally, it was hard to maintain restraint, especially when I’m dealing with death in the family, two family members within two days of each other,” Miller said. “I just did the best I could to make sure I didn’t make a bad situation worse.”