COVID-19 Is Creepin’ On MAGA: Trump’s Valet Driver Infected With Deadly Covid-19 Virus

COVID-19 Is Creepin’ On MAGA: Trump’s Valet Driver Infected With Deadly Covid-19 Virus

COVID-19 is creepin’ on MAGA. His valet driver is infected with deadly covid-19. Trump, 73, is tested frequently and considers that “taking precautions,” but has refused to wear a mask. He says he rarely gets sick.

One of President Donald Trump’s personal valets has tested positive for coronavirus, raising concerns that Trump — who has been unwilling to wear a mask and says he rarely gets sick — has been exposed.

The valet is a member of the U.S. Navy and part of an elite military unit dedicated to the White House that often work close to the president and first family. The provide a variety of services for the West Wing including catering and valet services.

A self-described germophobe, Trump has chastised aides before who coughed or sneezed in his presence, according to CNN.

The White House has not enforced strict social distancing guidelines for staffers and few people inside the building wear masks during the day, including valets.

Trump was retested by the White House physician after hearing the news, CNN reported. He, Vice President Mike Pence and senior staffers they interact with regularly are tested weekly for coronavirus.

Earlier this week before traveling on Air Force One, Trump said that he was not concerned about being in close quarters with other people around him because they are all regularly tested.

“We have great testing,” Trump said. “It’s not my choice; it’s a very strong group of people that want to make sure they are tested, including Secret Service.”

Trump sees the World Health Organization as a competitor and has been criticized for not using COVID-19 diagnostic tests produced by them in favor of the U.S. producing its own. As the coronavirus pandemic spread throughout the world in early 2020, WHO urged countries to “test, test, test” for the virus in order to stop it from spreading. The U.S. has lagged behind other countries and struggled to ramp up diagnostic testing for the disease despite intense pressure to do so, Snopes reported.

The U.S. has conducted more tests than any other country, but it still lags behind other countries in terms of the share of its population being tested, Business Insider reported. Germany and Italy, for example, have both tested more residents per million people than the U.S., according to data from Worldometer

Trump said that too much testing makes the U.S. “look bad.” 

“The media likes to say we have the most cases, but we do, by far, the most testing. If we did very little testing, we wouldn’t have the most cases. So, in a way, by doing all of this testing, we make ourselves look bad,” Trump said during a meeting with Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds. 

According to CNN, the valet started showing symptoms on Wednesday morning. The president was tested after the valet’s result came back positive.

The White House uses the rapid Abbott Labs test, which provides results in about 15 minutes. It’s often administered in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, next door to the West Wing on the White House grounds. A medical official swabs the staffer’s nostrils and tells them that they’ll know within minutes if it’s positive.

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News that someone close to the president had tested positive for the virus was ‘hitting the fan’ in the West Wing, a White House source told CNN. The White House has 96 full-time employees working in the residence, which occupies the second and third floors. These include butlers, maids, chefs, plumbers, doormen, and florists. There are another 250 part-time employees elsewhere on the premises, according to the book “The Residence” by Kate Anderson Brower, Daily Mail reported.

It’s White House policy that people meeting with the president must pass a coronavirus test. On Wednesday — World Nurse Day — all the participants were tested before an event in the Oval Office. “We wouldn’t do anything to harm our president,” one of the nurses at the event said. “We are all tested and we are all negative and that’s why we are not socially distancing and why we are not wearing masks.”

Lack of symptoms and a negative test are no guarantees against catching the virus. The incubation period ranges from two-to-14 days and averages five days, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
People can be infectious and transmit the virus to others up to two days before they start showing symptoms.