Rutgers Professor: Reopening The Country Is About Killing Black People

Rutgers Professor: Reopening The Country Is About Killing Black People

Rutgers University Prof. Brittany Cooper tweets that reopening the country is about killing Black people. Cooper’s tweets cause a firestorm. Photo: New America.

A Rutgers University professor recently went to Twitter to put forth her theory about the covid-19 pandemic. Brittany Cooper, a professor in the Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, tweeted that she believes the reopening of America is not really about reopening the economy but about killing Black people, The College Fix reported.    

She tweeted: “I feel like most Black people are clear that this utterly absurd to push to re-open the country is all about a gross necropolitical calculation that it is Black people who are dying disproportionately from COVID.”

Cooper tweeted that white conservatives don’t care about the lives of Black people, and that the “white supremacists among them” indeed want a “massive winnowing of Black folks” in order to “slow demographic shifts” and maintain political power.

She didn’t just blame Trump for the high rate of Black covid-19 deaths. She blamed Trump supporters. 

African Americans only make up 14 percent of the U.S. population but roughly 30 percent of all coronavirus cases, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Daily Mail reported.

Cooper, author of the “Eloquent Rage: A Black Feminist Discovers Her Superpower,” said on Twitter: “I realized again that for his supporters, realizing just how wrong they were about this man, and the depths of his idiocy and depravity, is akin to an existential crisis for them.”

Now, not only is she left to defend her covid-19 theory but her chastising of Trump supporters, Fox News reported.

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Cooper tweeted: “F— each and every Trump supporter. You absolutely did this. You are to blame.” 

She backed this tweet up by later tweeting, “I said what I meant. And I curse cuz I’m grown.”

She also pointed out how Trump supporters defended the president’s comments that using disinfectants in the body could combat the virus.

“They are literally willing to die from this clusterf—ed COVID response rather than admit absolutely anybody other than him (Trump) would have been a better president,” she tweeted. “And when whiteness has a death wish, we are all in for a serious problem.”