Northern Uganda to Become Coffee Production Leader?

Northern Uganda to Become Coffee Production Leader?

From New Vision

A campaign to increase coffee production in Lango and Acholi sub-regions has kicked off with Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) pledging to raise 100 million coffee seedlings to distribute to farmers in the region.

UCDA officials said the campaign is to increase export from the current two million bags to 4.5 million in the near future.

“We have a target to plant 100 million seedlings starting next year. The seedlings will be given free,” said Mike Maliro, the UCDA regional manager during a coffee exhibition at Lira Mayor’s Gardens on Friday.

He added that they will establish a coffee factory in Lira to boost the production of high quality coffee for the world market.

Col. Bosco Omure, one of the potential coffee farmers said under the Presidential initiatives, farmers in northern Uganda will get 2 million seedlings for planting.

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