Ohio Man Arrested For Defying Stay-At-Home Order At Party: ‘This Is How We Celebrate Our Coronavirus’

Written by Dana Sanchez
stay at home
Rashaan Davis, 25, was charged in Ohio with a misdemeanor for violating a state stay-at-home order and encouraging others to do so on a YouTube video. Rashaan Davis photo: Cincinnati Police Department

Cincinnati police arrested 25-year old Rashaan Davis and charged him with a misdemeanor for not only violating a state stay-at-home order but encouraging others to do so via a YouTube video.

Police asked for a high bond or no bond for Davis because of his “complete disregard for public safety,” Fox reported. Bond was set at $350,000.

“This is how we do it in my city, man,” Davis said as he recorded himself on Friday night at a large gathering on Vine Street in Cincinnati. The video was later posted to YouTube. “We don’t give a f*** about this coronavirus. I’ve got 1,400 people watching me right now.”

Videos of a crowded street surfaced Saturday morning, showing people disobeying social distancing as they stood on cars and danced to music, USA Today reported.

“At the time of (Davis’) arrest, there were over 55,000 views of the post,” according to a police report posted to Facebook by authorities. Davis narrated a video of “himself and others openly defying the order, causing even greater risk of contamination during this national health crisis,” police reported.

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Davis’ video received 287,000+ views on YouTube, as of this writing. Comments on YouTube included, “They don’t care about nobody life”, “Whole city affected,” and “This is why Ohio’s numbers keep going up.”

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s issued a stay-at-home order effective March 23 to try and slow the spread of the pandemic. He is credited with acting decisively. Some of the measures he imposed came days before the first case was reported in the state. For example, DeWine shut down much of the Arnold Sports Festival — an annual event featuring 20,000 athletes from 80 countries, around 60,000 spectators each day, and an expected $53 million for Columbus, the state’s largest city, NPR reported.

Ohio now has 4,450 reported cases and 142 deaths.

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