Best Stories Today

Best Stories Today

Wednesday 04.01.2020

Rikers Island Inmates Being Offered $6 Per Hour And PPE To Dig Mass Graves

New York City is offering prisoners at its Rikers Island jail complex $6 an hour — inmates typically earn an hourly wage of 62 cents — to help dig mass graves on Hart Island to accommodate up to 51,000 bodies.

Nicole Bishop’s Quartolio Transforms R&D Into Data Points, Plans New Product Launch To Help COVID Researchers Find A Cure

The software company is working on a new product to help connect researchers and doctors with the work being done during the global coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 Goes Parabolic Within NYPD, At Least 1,200 Have Tested Positive

At least 1,200 NYPD officers and staff have tested positive for coronavirus. 

Public Health Experts Say Black America Is At HIGH Risk Of COVID-19 Body Bags

Public health experts have said Black Americans are at greater risk of dying from the COVID-19 coronavirus. It’s a threat that should be taken seriously, according to Georges C. Benjamin, Executive Director of the American Public Health Association

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Opinion: U.S. Pandemic Could Be Worst In World Because Of Country’s Structural Inequality

Recently, a Harvard public health professor warned that the COVID-19 outbreak in the U.S. could rank among the world’s worst unless something is done to ease the health and economic impacts on America’s poor.