Ghanaian Professionals Launch “Stop Coronavirus Ghana Campaign”

Ghanaian Professionals Launch “Stop Coronavirus Ghana Campaign”

A group of Ghanaian professionals has launched a “Stop Coronavirus Ghana Campaign,” to support efforts at combating the spread of the COVID-19. Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

A group of Ghanaian professionals has come together to launch the “Stop Coronavirus Ghana Campaign,” as a measure to support efforts at combating the spread of the COVID-19.

The “Stop Coronavirus Ghana Campaign” is a private sector-led coalition formed by local and international Ghanaian professionals, seeking to bring on board the expertise, skills, finances, and resources to support Government’s interventions towards containing the COVID–19 pandemic in Ghana.

Briefing the Ghana News Agency on Sunday in Accra, Stephen Gyasi-Kwaw, the coordinator of the campaign, said its objective was to promote education on prevention and management to reduce the spread, fear, and panic amongst the populace.

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It is also to create a platform for the private sector to actively get involved in working with the government to find innovative and sustainable solutions for fighting the disease.

Gyasi-Kwaw said a Stop Coronavirus Ghana Fund would be established to provide support for private and public sector activities and projects toward the fight of the virus.

The fund would also assist needy private and public healthcare institutions with equipment and resources to manage the disease and prevent its spread.

“The fight against the COVID-19 pandemic can never be championed by the Government alone, but together with the collective efforts of the private sector we can achieve more in the shortest possible time in combating the spread of the disease in Ghana,” Kwaw said.

The campaign will embark on various activities in areas of education, advocacy, support, and fundraising to help complement the government’s efforts in fighting the pandemic.

Gyasi-Kwaw said currently, there were more than 30 Ghanaian professionals with expertise in technology, health care, fund management, project management, marketing, and communications, entrepreneurship, and business leadership, being members of the various working groups, and all were helping to mobilize resources and expertise to support the fight, both local and abroad.

“We take this opportunity to make a national appeal to Ghanaians in every part of the world, as well as friends of Ghana to join the Stop Coronavirus Ghana Campaign. United we can win the war against the COVID-19 pandemic in Ghana,” he said.

He said in the next couple of days the fund would be launched, and the website would be up, adding; “we are seeing this as a pure emergency initiative to help in the prevention, education, advocacy and support program to the COVID-19.”

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