U.S. Corp. Wins $30M Bid For S. African Infrastructure

U.S. Corp. Wins $30M Bid For S. African Infrastructure

From MarketWatch.

Los Angeles-based AECOM Technology Corp. has been awarded a three-year, $30 million contract for up to 15 separate infrastructure projects in and around Cape Town, Saldanha and Postmasburg, South Africa.

The work will include engineering, procurement, construction management and project-close-out services, the company announced today.

Proposed projects include rail and material-handling infrastructure for a new railroad car rotary dumper in Saldanha; expansion of the container terminal in the Port of Cape Town; new iron ore train-loading facilities at Postmasburg; fire-suppression system upgrades at various locations; resurfacing of various berths in the Port of Cape Town; new-build port buildings; and numerous building upgrades and expansions.

Each of the projects has a construction value of up to $150 million, or a total construction value of approximately $2.2 billion, and AECOM estimates its fees on the projects to total up to approximately $30 million, the company said in a press release.

AECOM teams from Africa, Australia and North America are collaborating to deliver the projects for Transnet SOC Ltd., a South African state-owned company responsible for freight rail, port, fuel pipelines and other major infrastructure improvements.

AECOM Technology Corp. provides professional technical and management support services for public and private clients in more than 140 countries around the world, according to its website.

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