Private Jet-Flyin’ MAGA Pastor Says Even If COVID-19 Financial Collapse Takes Your Job, Keep The Money Coming To The Church

Private Jet-Flyin’ MAGA Pastor Says Even If COVID-19 Financial Collapse Takes Your Job, Keep The Money Coming To The Church

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland is worth an estimated  $760 million and the MAGA pastor plans on staying wealthy. He is asking his followers to keep sending in their tithes even if they have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The MAGA pastor and his wife, Gloria Copeland, lead Kenneth Copeland Ministries, which claims to have seven offices around the world. Kenneth is one of the original members of President Donald Trump’s evangelical advisory committee, The New York Daily News reported. The Copelands regularly appear on TV and radio broadcasts, speak at revival meetings and have published numerous books.

MAGA pastor
Private jet-flyin’ MAGA pastor says even if COVID-19 financial collapse takes your job, keep the money coming to the church. Photo by: JMA/STAR MAX/IPx 6/1/14 Kenneth Copeland and Gloria Copeland at The Pat Boone 80th Birthday Celebrity Roast. (Beverly Hills, CA)

Copeland — estimated net worth, $300 million — preaches prosperity — for his followers and for himself. 

Right Wing Watch tweeted recently: “Multi-millionaire televangelist tells viewers that even if they lose their jobs because of the coronavirus outbreak, they must continue giving to the church: “Whatever you do right now, don’t you stop tithing!”

When the Texas preacher was interviewed by “Inside Edition” about his private jets, he said, “I’m a very wealthy man.”

MAGA pastor Copeland’s ministry owns at least three private aircraft including a $20 million Citation 10 and a Gulfstream V jet purchased from American movie director Tyler Perry, The Huffington Post reported. The pastor wouldn’t say how much he spent on the Gulfstream but said Perry made the plane “so cheap for me I couldn’t help but buy it.”

Copeland has used his planes to fly to a vacation home in Colorado at least 143 times, according to Inside Edition. 

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The 83-year-old pastor also recently claimed to cure coronavirus through the TV set. He said he could cure people through their TV sets if they are tuned in to his show.

With his right hand dripping with ointment, he told viewers to put their hands on their TV screens so he could cure them of the coronavirus — even though there is no known cure.

“I’m healed,” said Copeland. “By his stripes I was healed and by his stripes I am healed now. I’m not the sick trying to get healed. I’m the healed and the devil is trying to give me the flu…or whatever else kind of thing he’s trying.”