Racism In America

Racism In America

NYPD Cops Face Discipline For George Floyd-Style Violent Social Distancing Arrest Of A Bystander

The NYPD officer, Francisco Garcia, was suspended pending an internal investigation after he was caught on camera violently subduing a bystander during an arrest in Manhattan’s East Village. Several other officers involved are now facing discipline as well.

Derek Chauvin Arrested In George Floyd’s Death As The U.S. Burns: Former Minneapolis Police Officer Is In Police Custody

Four officers including Chauvin have been fired after they responded to Floyd’s arrest on Monday. They identified him as the suspect after someone allegedly wrote a bad check at a Minneapolis grocery store. Harrington only mentioned that one officer had been arrested — no word yet on the other three Minneapolis police officers who have been fired, according to the Star Tribune.

F2 Group CEO Caught On Video Racially Profiling Black Entrepreneurs, Calls Property Manager, Loses Lease

A Minneapolis venture capitalist had the lease terminated on his office after a video, viewed 6 million times, showed him asking a group of Black entrepreneurs in the building’s gym to prove they were tenants there.

Caught On Camera: Delivery Driver Blocked By HOA President Who Demands, ‘Who Gave You The Gate Code?’

A local delivery driver in the Oklahoma City area was confronted by a white man for being in a gated community and it was all caught on Facebook Live.

Star Wars Actor John Boyega Gets Love And Heat For Tweet On Hating Racism

“Star Wars” actor John Boyega tweeted a simple message in the wake of the death of George Floyd, the Minneapolis man who died after being suffocated by the cop arresting him while Floyd said repeatedly, “I can’t breathe.”