Netherlands to Supply Tanzania with Electricity

Netherlands to Supply Tanzania with Electricity

From All Africa

Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) and Zwart Techniek of Netherland on Friday signed a contract to supply 7.5 mega watts of electric power to Mpanda, Biharamulo and Ngara districts to the tune of 66bn/-.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam on Friday, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Mr Eliakim Maswi said that the project is part of government’s plan to electrify the country especially rural areas.

The project is expected to kick off next month and will take 13 months to be completed. “We, as government will supply electricity all over the country. With this contract, government will contribute 50 per cent and the Netherland government will contribute the other half ,” Mr Maswi said.

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