Video Shows Husband Of LA District Attorney Jackie Lacey Pointing Gun At Black Lives Matter Protesters

Written by Ann Brown
In a shocking video, the husband of L.A.District Attorney Lacey can be seen allegedly threatening and pointing a gun at Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists. Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey speaks during a news conference asking for witnesses to come forward in the fatal police shooting of Ezell Ford Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014, in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles mayor and police chief are making a final plea to the public for witnesses of Ford who was killed by an officer this summer.(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

In a shocking video, the husband of Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey can be seen allegedly threatening and pointing a gun at Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists who oppose her reelection. The video has been circulating on social media.

Recently, BLM protesters were outside of the couple’s home and were demanding a community meeting with Lacey, who is facing reelection.

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In one version of the video, a man opens the front door of the home and he has a gun raised toward persons off camera. 

“Get off!” the man says while pointing a handgun directly at the group in front of the house.

“Good morning,” Dr. Melina Abdullah, a Black Lives Matter Los Angeles member, can be heard saying.

“Get off of my porch!” the man said.

“Are you going to shoot me?” Abdullah asked.

“I will shoot you,” the man said. “Get off of my porch!”

“Can you tell Jackie Lacey that we’re here?” Abdullah requested.

“I don’t care who you are,” the man said, lowering his gun to his right side. “Get off of my porch! Right now!”

The man, who has been identified as Lacey’s husband, goes back inside and closes the door.

“Lacey has come under fire to explain more than 500 reported police killings under her tenure, reports say. Lacey has declined to bring charges in most if not all of the fatal shootings, according to reports,” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. 

Lacey is the first African-American and first woman to become district attorney in Los Angeles. 

The video was posted by Jasmyne Cannick, a candidate for Los Angeles County Central Committee.

“Cannick, who as a news reporter in 2016 sued the Los Angeles Police Department and police chief over a false arrest in 2014, also tweeted in the same thread that Lacey ‘agreed to meet with the Black community BEFORE the end of the year in October and that never happened,’” News One reported.