Take Off: Kenya Readies For Airport Expansion

Take Off: Kenya Readies For Airport Expansion

The expanded airport in Kenya will not only bring in more visitors to Kenya but will also play a major role in airport development in East Africa

“We will continue expansion and upgrading of airside, landside and terminal capacities, and the associated infrastructure to keep pace with aviation traffic in Africa,” Henry Ogoye of the Kenya Airports Authority told CNBC Africa.

Earlier this year the airport has a massive fire caused by electrical malfunctions.

“That is projected to grow by over six per cent per annum for the next 20 years driven by improving incomes, demographic boom, increasing urbanization and the emergence of the middle class.”

Later this month, Kenya will host to the African Airports Evolution Forum which is expected to help build world-class airports in Africa, foster collaboration with African aviation stakeholders as well as design and develop airports that meet the required new compliance, capacity and efficiency demands.

“Airports tend to influence urban development and, in Africa, an aerotropolis could be the most important emerging developmental node for continental growth” reports CNBC Africa.

World class airports will enable the region in creating a more competitive and profitable business operating environment. This, of course, will help boost trade and tourism.