Manhattan DA’s Office To Review 1965 Murder Of Malcolm X As Netflix Documentary Airs

Manhattan DA’s Office To Review 1965 Murder Of Malcolm X As Netflix Documentary Airs

Malcolm X
The Manhattan District Attorney’s (DA) office is reexamining Malcolm X’s murder case in the wake of a new Netflix documentary. Original Photos: This July 1964 portrait shows Black Muslim leader Malcolm X. (AP-PHOTO) Assistant District Attorney Peter Casolaro delivers his opening statement in the trial of accused subway firebomber Edward Leary in Manhattan’s state Supreme Court in New York Monday Jan. 29, 1996. Leary, 50, an unemployed computer programmer, is charged with 45 counts of attempted murder for two 1994 subway firebombings, including a Dec. 21 bomb that tore through a crowded No. 4 train at Fulton Street in lower Manhattan, injuring 48 people, 16 of them seriously. Justice Rena Uviller is at rear. (APPhoto/Kathy Willens,POOL)

In the wake of a new Netflix documentary entitled, “Who Killed Malcolm X,” the Manhattan District Attorney’s (DA) office is reexamining the case. There has always been speculation about Malcolm X’s assassination and the documentary claims two of the three men convicted in the murder were not at the scene, The Daily Mail reported.

The iconic civil rights leader – whose full Islam name was El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, but was born Malcolm Little – was shot to death during an appearance at the Audubon Ballroom in Manhattan, New York’s Washington Heights neighborhood in 1965.

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Three members of the Nation of Islam (NOI) were arrested and convicted of killing the notable leader, despite Thomas Hagan – known as Talmadge X Hayer – confessing to the murder and stating the other two men were not involved. Hagan and those men – Muhammad Abdul Aziz, known as Norman 3X Butler; and Kahlil Islam, known as Thomas 15X Johnson – were sentenced to life in prison.

Paroled in 1985 and 1987 respectively, Aziz and Islam both maintained their innocence. Islam died in 2009.

The documentary follows historian, activist and investigative journalist Abdur-Rahman Muhammad on his quest to get to the truth about who really killed Malcolm X.

The widespread rift between Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad and the NOI led Malcolm to renounce and leave the Nation and embrace Sunni Islam. He also founded his own organizations including the religious Muslim Mosque, Inc. (MMI) and the Pan-African Organization of Afro-American Unity.

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Death threats and intimidation by NOI members followed, which is why it wasn’t a stretch to believe several of its members were involved in Malcolm’s assassination.

However, many believe it was a government cover-up. Paroled in 2010, Hayer has said he and several other members of the NOI conspired to kill Malcolm X for his criticism of their organization, but maintains Aziz and Islam were not among them.

The Manhattan DA said Assistant DA Peter Casolaro is one of those assigned to the new review of the case. Casolaro is famous for his work inhelping exonerate the Central Park Five. The review will determine if there is need for further investigation.

Muhammad said the most important objective is to garner the evidence that tells the truth of who is responsible for killing Malcom X.

“Malcolm’s death never sat right with me. … What is the real story? … Why doesn’t someone want to get to the bottom of this? … That is my mission. I’m not gonna stop until I get justice because the official account of who killed Malcolm X, it’s not true,” Muhammad said.