Sudan, South Sudan Trade Agreement Near Completion

Sudan, South Sudan Trade Agreement Near Completion

From  The Sudan Tribune

Sudanese trade minister Osman Omer Al-Sharif said they finalized a draft agreement aiming to simplify trade with the neighboring South Sudan, eliminate tariff and non-tariff barriers, and recognize each other’s standards.

The minister said the bilateral trade agreement, which comes in line with the four freedoms agreement inked in September 2012 includes banking arrangements related to accuracy in settling payments for inbound and outbound payments.

The draft agreement, according to Sharif, further speaks about consultations and coordination, between Khartoum and Juba, in international fora, but also includes dispositions aiming to facilitate the flow of merchandise between the two sides of border.

The Sudanese foreign ministry held last week a meeting attended by different ministries tasked with the implementation of the four freedoms agreement to coordinate positions and prepare for meetings they have to hold with their South Sudanese counterparts.

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