More And More Nigerian Shoppers Are Turning To Online Retailers

More And More Nigerian Shoppers Are Turning To Online Retailers

From BBC News

The delight on her face soon fades as she struggles to fit into the bright red high heels she had ordered.

“This was the last pair. They only had them in this size,” she complains.

Funsho’s expression changes again as she scrolls through her smartphone to find another pair of shoes on the Jumia website.

“This is the best, the very best way to shop,” she says.

“I don’t have to go out to the shop because they deliver right here to my house.”

Ten miles of traffic-congested roads away, in a huge warehouse, dozens of shelves stand stacked with a wide variety of products – from electronics to kitchen utensils.

This 90,000-sq-ft (8,360-sq-m) building is the headquarters of Jumia, a company started just over a year ago.

Now it is one of Nigeria’s largest online retailers, with 500 workers and 150 delivery vehicles nationwide.

‘Fresh air’

The company’s Harvard-educated co-founder Raphael Afaedor is bullish about the current growth.

“Every one of Nigeria’s 36 states has had a Jumia parcel delivered there, so we’re moving gradually to reach every Nigerian with organized retail,” Afaedor says.

Jumia faces strong competition from Konga and Dealdey – similar retail websites also experiencing rapid growth.

This rivalry presents options for Nigerian shoppers looking for home-grown answers to Amazon – which as yet has no dedicated retail presence on the continent – or eBay.

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