GiveMeTap Gets Water for Ghana

GiveMeTap Gets Water for Ghana

GiveMeTap reduces waste by selling stainless steel, refillable bottles to use in developing nations of Africa instead of disposable plastic water bottles, according to an article on CNN.

Customers fill up at more than 300 cafes in the company’s network.

Founder Edwin Broni-Mensah devised the idea while trying to achieve six-pack abs through a healthier lifestyle that included drinking water.

Born in the U.K., Broni-Mensah, 28, never had difficulty finding clean drinking water himself, but he knew that his parents, who had grown up in Ghana, did.

He also knew that many people in Ghana and other places in the world still don’t have access to clean water.

That was four years ago. Since then, GiveMeTap has used the profits from the sale of its refillable water bottles to build four water projects in Ghana, Malawi and Namibia.  Another four projects are slated for Ghana beginning in December.

With his program model, people “can save money, reduce the amount of plastic wastage that gets discarded into landfills and ultimately for every bottle that we sell we are able to help another person get access to clean drinking water,” said Broni-Mensah.

GiveMeTap makes sure each operation is self-sustainable as well. The company elects a local water committee at each location to collect funds to keep the pumps going or to make repairs as needed.

“Social entrepreneurship is the future where you will see more and more organizations solving a social mission at the core but through a business mechanism.”

Broni-Mensah enjoys going to Ghana, knowing he’s helping the very area where his parents grew up. But his plans stretch beyond the country and beyond his own area of the U.K.

He aims to expand across the U.K. to have 1,000 businesses lined up to fill water bottles, then to branch out to other spots in Europe and the U.S.