Cameroon: Poised To Dominate Africa’s Tech Scene By 2018?

Written by Dana Sanchez

Any tech solution that can survive Cameroon’s challenging startup scene can do great things on the international stage, a Cameroonian entrepreneur says, according to a report in HumanIPO.

Cameroonian startups have the potential to dominate Africa’s tech scene in the next five years if obstacles such as funding can be overcome, said Acha Nelson, CEO and co-founder of QuickTicket.

QuickTicket lets Cameroonian users search through bus schedules, make ticket reservations, choose seat numbers and get bus and parcel delivery status using the Internet, according to TechMoran, a website that covers Africa’s disruptive technology arena.

Bus travel is the major means of transportion in Cameroon, with more than 90 percent of the population using it, the report said. The technology is currently in beta testing for mobile.

Nelson said the level of adoption of information technology in Cameroon is very low compared to countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa, as is Internet use.

“Most of these companies have to rely on personal savings for financing and so cannot expand rapidly into the international scene like others,” he told HumanIPO.

However he said the tech terrain is rapidly changing in Cameroon, Nelson said.

“I just attended a startup boot-camp with a lot of great and smart startups and what differentiates Cameroonian startups from the others is their attention to details,” Nelson said. “They carry out thorough market research and understand the mindset of their consumers.

“Most of them have dissected the problems of their users, put forth great solutions, but lack the capital to take these solutions to the market. They try to overcome their obstacles and solve their problems not with money, but by understanding their users.”

He added that any solution that can survive Cameroon’s challenging startup scene can do great on the international stage.

“I am confident (Cameroon’s tech scene) will explode, internationally. I am sure in five years Cameroonians will dominate the tech market in Africa,” Nelson said. “If I was an investor, the one place I will put my money, will be Cameroon.

“By 2015, Cameroon will be competing with these countries and will dominate by 2018.”