Fines For Illegal Robocalls Rise To $10,000 Per Call Under Newly Passed Law

Fines For Illegal Robocalls Rise To $10,000 Per Call Under Newly Passed Law


U.S. President Donald Trump signed a newly passed law that increased fines on spammy robocalls to $10,000 and requires phone service providers to begin authenticating calls across networks.

After months of negotiations, Congress approved a landmark bill to stop the flood of illegal robocalls.

“I have yet to meet someone who says they enjoy receiving those unwanted and illegal robocalls that plague our phones,” Sen. John Thune (R-SD) said in a statement.

“This bill represents a unique legislative effort that is not only bipartisan at its core, but it’s nearly unanimously supported in Congress.”

Robocalls have continued to be the subject of more than 200,000 or two-thirds of the complaints made to the FCC annually despite endless government initiatives and countless promises from the telecom sector to end them.

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While the new law is not expected to end the practice overnight, it adds some useful to the regulator’s arsenal, according to TechCrunch contributor Devin Coldewey.

“Of course the new law isn’t a magic wand; The FCC is still limited in what it can do and how quickly it can act,” Coldewey wrote. “Even major fines like this $120 million one have had a negligible effect on the nefarious industry.”

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