11 African Tech Startups Competing At Seedstars World Competition 2020

11 African Tech Startups Competing At Seedstars World Competition 2020

Seedstars World Competition
Eleven African tech startups will pitch their ideas at the Seedstars World Competition 2020, the world’s biggest startup competition in emerging markets. Image supplied by Seedstars

The Seedstars World Competition 2020 in Switzerland will bring together the best global tech startup talent for a chance to win $500,000.

Seedstars World, which describes itself as the world’s biggest startup competition in emerging markets, holds events in around 70 countries before winners are selected to take part in a grand final.

Africa will be represented by a list of winners from the various Seedstars World competitions that took place during the last year throughout Africa.

A selection of 11 African tech startups will deliver pitches that could potentially earn them up to $500,000 in equity investments and prizes.

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Here are 11 African tech startups that are competing at the Seedstars World Competition 2020.

Roque Online – Angola

Representing Angola, tech startup Roque Online is an online platform that connects more than a dozen informal open-air markets with customers. The company has grown from 250 members to around 36,000 in the space of two years. Roque Online saves consumers time and money that they would otherwise need to use traveling to the big supermarkets and warehouses, according to Euronews.

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Crop2Cash -Nigeria

Selected as Nigeria’s best early-stage startup in November, Crop2Cash is an agriculture tech firm that provides smallholder farmers with access to finance and markets through a purpose-built fintech solution and supply-chain platform. The Ibadan-based startup was founded in 2017 by Emem Essien, Michael Ogundare and Seyi Alabi, according to Ventureburn.

Exuus -Rwanda

Rwandan software development firm Exuus won the Kigali leg of the Seedstars competition in September. Founded in 2014 by CEO Shema Steve, Exuus has developed a digital and decentralized ledger for saving groups, bringing a traditional practice into the digital age, according to DisruptAfrica.

Pezesha – Kenya

In June, Kenyan peer-to-peer microlending marketplace Pezesha emerged as the best tech startup in the Seedstars Nairobi competition, Bitcoinke reports. Founded in 2016 by CEO Hilda Moraa, the Kenyan fintech startup connects lenders with underserved low-income borrowers that are in need of finance options.

OKO Finance – Mali

Malian insurance tech startup OKO Finance impressed the Seedstars panel in Bamako with its service which assists farmers to access crop insurance. This kind of insurance was previously unheard of in most of rural Mali. OKO Finance has helped hundreds of farmers to insure their crops regardless of unstable weather patterns that heavily affect yields, according to Seedstars.

Nadji.bi Gambia – The Gambia

Nadji.Bi Gambia is a solar solutions firm that offers solar energy products to consumers in The Gambia. The company is a subsidiary of Nadji.Bi Group which has a presence in Cameroon, Burkina Faso, France, and Guiné Bissau, InnovativeVillage reports. Access to electricity remains a serious challenge in many parts of Africa and solar energy firms are playing an important role in electrifying homes and communities.

Nvoicia – Ghana

Nvoicia​ is a fintech platform for small and medium-sized businesses that enables invoice discounting and provides access to working capital loans. The Ghanaian company operates in Ghana and Nigeria. Nvoicia won the Seedstars Accra competition in August, topping fellow startups including software development training company Codetrain, petrol-ordering app Gas App, cloud-based field management tool Jumeni, and crowd-farming solutions AgripoolNocofio and Kwidex, according to Technovagh.

Vectra – South Africa

Seedstars Cape Town winner Vectra is a fintech startup that provides a single integrated device that combines point-of-sale software as well as a speed point for card payments. Founded in 2017 by Wynand Geldenhuys, the Johannesburg-based business will represent South Africa in Switzerland in 2020, Schools4sure reported.


Afrikamart – Senegal

In August, Senegalese tech startup Afrikamart was chosen as a winner of the Seedstars Dakar competition. Afrikamart is an agriculture tech startup with ambitions to become the largest quality fresh food supplier in West Africa without owning any farm, according to Ventureburn. The company designs tools and services to bring farmers closer to processors, wholesalers, restaurants, supermarkets, and individuals.

Teheca – Uganda

Ugandan tech startup Teheca is an online source for Ugandans to find the best healthcare workers or caregivers for their sick loved ones, the elderly or new mothers, providing patient-focused care for those who need it most. Teheca was chosen as the best early-stage startup in Uganda at the Seedstars Kampala competition, according to Seedstars.

Txapita – Mozambique

Mozambican startup Txapita was selected to take part in the Seedstars Global Summit through a wild card selection. Txapita is a Maputo-based mobility startup that provides users with real-time public transit information through its mobile app and web service, Ventureburn reports.