Uganda Set To Study Ghana’s Drug Regulations

Uganda Set To Study Ghana’s Drug Regulations

From Ghana Business News

A five-member team from Uganda’s Medicines Regulatory is in the country to understudy the best practices and successes of Ghana’s Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

The team, made of Uganda’s Minister of Health, Executive Secretary of the National Drug Authority and the Attorney Generals’ Department Protecting Public Health and Safety,  will be in the country for a week.

Speaking to Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Accra on Wednesday, Mr  Sematiko Gordon Katende, Executive Secretary of Uganda’s  National Drug Authority noted that Ghana’s FDA has been described by the World Health Organisation (WHO), as one of the best in Africa, hence, the visit.

He explained that Uganda do not have a Food and Drugs Authority, adding: “Our food aspect has been scattered under different ministries and agencies and we want to bring all of them under one umbrella just as Ghana has done.”

Mr Katende said research has proofed that Ghana has the best laws and regulations in food and drugs and “our representative from the Attorney General’s Department will study Ghana’s FDA law and its regulations to help us replicate it”.

He said for Uganda to be successful, it would collaborate with its neigbouring countries and work hand in hand with them.

Dr Stephen Opuni, Chief Executive of FDA told GNA that countries like Ethiopia, Nigeria and Senegal have visited Ghana to learn from the best practices and “that makes us stand tall among our peers in the sub-region and on the continent.”

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