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Best Stories Today

Wednesday 11.20 .2019

Former Baltimore Mayor Pugh Charged On 11 Counts Of Fraud, Tax Evasion In Book Scandal, Faces Up To 175 Years In Prison

Federal prosecutors have charged former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh with 11 counts of fraud, tax evasion and conspiracy over lucrative book deals for her self-published Healthy Holly children’s series.

Raising Capital For Startup? Here’s The Difference Between A Priced Round And Convertible Note

A key threshold question for any entrepreneur seeking to raise capital for their startup is whether they should do a priced equity round or use convertible debt instead.

Ousted Auditor Says He Got Too Close To Secret Vatican Accounts

Vatican’s former chief auditor was allegedly ousted after an investigation he led came too close to unearthing secret bank accounts. Some believed the accounts were linked to a London property deal that prompted an internal Holy See inquiry into possible financial irregularities, the Financial Times reported.

Deval Patrick On Signing HR40 Reparations Bill: I Don’t Think So

Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has been doing a lot lately. First, he announced his 2020 presidential run, now he’s gone on record stating he wouldn’t support H.R. 40, the bill which calls for a commission to study reparations.

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‘We Believe Demographics Are Destiny’: Kanyi Maqubela Launches $56M Kindred Ventures Fund To Form Startups And Fund Them

Kanyi Maqubela, a Soweto-born, U.S.-raised, Stanford-educated venture capitalist, has raised a $56-million fund called Kindred Ventures that is investing in innovative startups at the earliest stage.