New Jersey Lawmakers Introduce Legislation To Establish Slavery Reparations Task Force

Isheka N. Harrison
Written by Isheka N. Harrison

Black lawmakers in New Jersey are trying to pass their own version of H.R. 40. Last week the state’s Legislative Black Caucus introduced a bill to establish a reparations task force, reported The Associated Press (AP).

The purpose of the task force is to “conduct research and develop proposals to address the generational harms caused by New Jersey’s role in the institution of slavery,” reported Philadelphia CBS Local.

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As the last of the Northern States to abolish slavery, Black state reps believe the state should work to “repair … irreparable harms” caused by slavery.

“America has to stand up and admit what has been done to African American people in this country and that will truly be the start of change.”,” New Jersey Sen. Sandra Cunningham said. “

According to Philadelphia CBS Local, the goal of the task force will be to “achieve a sense of social and economic justice among the descendants of enslaved African people in New Jersey.”