Clark Atlanta University Student Strangled: Suspect Spent Holidays At Victim’s Home

Clark Atlanta University Student Strangled: Suspect Spent Holidays At Victim’s Home

Clark Atlanta University Student
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Clark Atlanta University student Alexis Crawford was strangled to death by her roommate Jordyn Jones’ boyfriend, Barron Brantley, reported CNN. Jones was “best friends” with Crawford and spent several holidays with her family, according to Rev. Markel Hutchins, a spokesperson for the Crawfords.

“It was a regular occurrence for Jordyn to spend time with Alexis’ family and to engage with Alexis’ siblings,” Hutchins said. “To know that someone that they welcomed into home played a role in Alexis’ death is all the more hurtful.”

Brantley and Jones murdered Crawford – all of whom were 21 – after the two women got into a physical fight on Halloween, authorities said. Brantley choked Crawford to death and Jones smothered her with a black trash bag. They then placed Crawford’s body into a plastic bin they hid in the woods of a Decatur park.

The incident occurred just days after Crawford filed a police report against Brantley for “unwanted kissing and touching.” Crawford and Jones had not been on speaking terms until Crawford asked Jones to take her to the store on Oct. 30.

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Crawford’s family reported her missing Nov. 1 when she uncharacteristically ceased communications with them. Initially, Jones told police she last saw Crawford around midnight that day before going to bed. However, one of them led police to Crawford’s body on Friday, Nov. 8 and Brantley confessed to the murder.

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Both Jones and Brantley have been arrested and charged with malicious felony murder. Both waived their first court appearance on Monday. Their next court appearance is scheduled for Nov. 22.

The seventh of 10 children, Hutchins said Crawford’s family is devastated by the news, but instead of using their energy to hate Jones and Brantley are focused on laying Alexis to rest.

“Alexis’ mother was literally unable to speak. All that she could do was listen as I tried to console and comfort her,” Hutchins added. “Alexis’ father said, ‘If they wanted to take somebody’s life they could have taken mine. They didn’t have to kill my baby, they didn’t have to kill her.'”

Crawford’s funeral will be held Saturday at Hill Chapel Baptist Church in Athens, Georgia.