Growthpoint Opens Up South African Property Market to U.S. Investors

Growthpoint Opens Up South African Property Market to U.S. Investors

U.S. investors are now being lured to South Africa through a new program launched by property company Growthpoint. The American Depositary Receipt (ADR) program will open up the market to U.S. investors looking to purchase dollar-denominated shares of a diversified property company located in South Africa, South Africa Info reported.

According to the report, Growthpoint’s program was launched via the over-the-counter (OTC) market and will be represented in that market under the symbol “GWPTY.” Shares from the company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) will carry the “GRT” symbol.

“As all income is distributed on a half-yearly basis, management seriously considers the capital allocation of new investments (either acquisitions or developments) and carefully evaluates whether a new investment is sufficiently yield-enhancing for Growthpoint,” Lauren de Klerk, BNY depository and receipts business vice-president said.

“The management team has proven in the past that this gives investors a better return,” de Klerk continued saying that the real estate investment trust (REIT) structure is expected to encourage more South African property companies to create opportunities for U.S. investors.

According to South Africa Info, Growthpoint is the 40th largest global REIT company in terms of market capitalization. de Klerk added that through the program, South Africa would become a notable investment opportunity leader saying that the model would, “put South Africa on the map as a choice for REIT investors and specifically REIT indices.”

“Global REIT indices represent general trends in real estate equities worldwide, where real estate activities represent the ownership, disposal and development of income-producing real estate,” she said.

Similar REIT programs are also expected to make large property investment deals available and visible to small investors.