‘It’s No Longer About The Followers Anymore’: Influencer Marketing Deals Now Focused On Performance

Kevin Mwanza
Written by Kevin Mwanza
influencer marketing
Influencer marketing has traditionally been about followers but that appears to be changing with brands becoming more focused on other metrics. Image: Phabstudio/Created by Moguldom

Influencer marketing is shifting focus and is no longer about follower numbers above all else.

Brands are more focused on the performance of campaigns and are targeting a new crop of nano influencers who have stronger metrics despite not commanding as many followers as others in the industry.

A new priority for influencer marketing

Marketers are now evaluating their influencers more seriously and using more metrics than just followers. These metrics, they say, help increase transparency in the effectiveness of influencer marketing, DIGIDAY reported.

“It’s no longer about the followers anymore,” said Brandon Billinger who runs a parenting blog in his spare time.

Despite his blog’s small following of just about 1,300 on Instagram, it has attracted brands like Charbroil, Dove Men+Care and even Facebook.

“Brands are still looking to your regular metrics, how many likes you’ve got, but I haven’t seen them worry so much about how many followers you have anymore.”

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The days of influencers touting their number of followers to garner brand deals are over as marketers have finally caught up with the trend of what works and what does not on social media.

Companies, agencies, and influencers are now considering a variety of metrics — like the level of effort put into posts or the quality of content as well as more performance-based metrics like engagement rates and the number of sales driven — to hash out payment rates.