Facebook Censors Posts From Conscious Black People To Stall Mass Awakening

Facebook Censors Posts From Conscious Black People To Stall Mass Awakening

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The white supremacists who manage Facebook have no intention of allowing conscious Black people to rise, says Truedreadz owner and author Jason Williams. Pictured: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before a House Energy and Commerce hearing, April 11, 2018. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik). COO Sheryl Sandberg appears at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, Sept. 5, 2018. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Facebook is the world’s largest media outlet, and the white supremacists who manage the company have no intention of allowing the melanated masses to use their platform to increase the consciousness of “humanity”.

Although I am extremely aware of the embedded racism within Facebook’s policies I still use it for the sole purpose of connecting with “curious melanated minds” around the world. Unfortunately, with trudreadz.com being a newer platform, I’m still dependent on finding external sources of traffic to bring in new subscribers. Out of all the social media platforms I use, Facebook brings in the most traffic by far. Ironically, Facebook gives me the most trouble out of all the social media platforms.

It seems like every week one of my posts is censored for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s an article I shared, other times it’s just a photo. I thought it was just me until I started noticing other people from mostly black groups I’ve joined say the same thing. Then I started paying attention to the trend.

It wasn’t long until I noticed that many of my posts had a low organic reach as well. I know that Facebook changed some things so that “everyone” had a lower organic reach, but some post I’ve had recently were exceptionally low. In the same day, I could share an article that reaches 5,000 people, hundreds of reactions and shares and then my next post would reach 4 people. This definitely not normal considering at this time I have over 4,000 people follow my Tru Dreadz Facebook page.

Anything that exposes the system of white supremacy as the greatest threat to humanity is flagged as “hate speech”. Ironically, all up and down my news feed is evidence of white supremacy’s crimes against humanity. So basically Facebook is saying it’s ok to broadcast mass murders, police brutality, white collar scandal, and other forms of white domestic terrorism but if the victims of these crimes speak out it is “hate”.

That’s when I had to take a step back and remember who and what we are dealing with. Of course Facebook will sensor posts from black people and other melanated minds, that’s what white supremacist do.

What is the system of white supremacy? A system designed to prevent the genetic annihilation of Caucasians by the masses of genetically dominant melanated humans on planet earth.

Keeping this in mind, why would the largest social media platform operated by white supremacist allow ideas and information to flood their outlet that could potentially increase the consciousness of the melanated masses? They wouldn’t. So rather than spend my time campaigning against Facebook’s policies I continue to use the platform to drive traffic to my blog (while I’m not on restriction) and build a larger following on other platforms such Instagram or Twitter. Also keeping in mind that white supremacists manage those platforms as well.

In other words, I expect to be censored or restricted by these platforms. The thing is once enough people are subscribed to trudreadz.com notifications I won’t be dependent on white supremacist-owned outlets to allow me to post my content for ‘curious melanated minds’. I will have my own way of distributing content so nothing they can do will stop me. Even if my social media accounts do get restricted on those platforms, there would still be so many people sharing my content directly from trudreadz.com they wouldn’t be able stop the flood of content for ‘curious melanated minds’.

I refuse to put myself in a situation where I have to compromise my message in order to please Facebook’s racists policies and guidelines. One way or another, the message will get out.

This what they are trying to avoid, a mass awakening. These days information travels faster than light and it doesn’t take long for millions of people to be focused one topic or idea. One image or combination of sentences could inspire a particular idea within the collective consciousness of melanated minds and change the world within minutes.

When I say change the world, understand I am saying that the universe is mental and the mind is all so by changing what we think on a subconscious level we change the infrastructure of existence. Our thoughts matter tremendously and the last thing a white supremacist owned social media outlet wants is to have content stirring up the consciousness of melanated minds.

This article was originally published on Trudreadz. It is reposted here with the permission of the author, Jason Williams. Read the original.