African Leaders Tell UN Millennium Targets Must Be Completed

African Leaders Tell UN Millennium Targets Must Be Completed

From UN News Centre

As the United Nations General Assembly continues its annual high-level segment, a host of African leaders stressed that while the continent’s progress is beyond doubt, consolidating social and economic gains requires international, regional and local approaches that better protect African livelihoods and ensure that agreed development targets can be achieved.

In his address, Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, President of Tanzania said that is vital to complete the “unfinished business” of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) so that Governments can make informed decisions about the shape of the post-2015 agenda. The theme of this year’s General Debate, “Setting the Stage” afforded an opportunity to closely examine the successes and gaps in MDG implementation.

One crucial element going forward will be to put in place effective financing mechanisms to ensure that developing countries will be supported in the effort to attain unmet Millennium targets and to make headway on the yet-to-be agreed successor Goals, which should be focused on sustainable development, he said.

President Kikwete went on to highlight Tanzania’s successes regarding Millennium targets for universal primary education, reducing the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, and improving access to water and sanitation, among other gains. At the same time, Tanzania will continue to look to the United Nations to provide assistance and guidance in the final push towards the 2015 MDG deadline.

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