Former Mercedes Dealership Manager Sues Owner Who Often Uses N-Word

Former Mercedes Dealership Manager Sues Owner Who Often Uses N-Word

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One Mercedes-Benz Car dealership is being accused of racism – and the victim is literally hoping to get them to pay. Jeffrey Turner is suing an Indiana Mercedes-Benz location for subjecting him to a “hostile work environment” and firing him after he reported racist behavior, reported the Jacksonville Free Press.

A former sales manager at the dealership, Turner said the dealer’s owner Mike Raisor used the N-word “like, 6 or 7 times.” In a press release, his attorney said, “His race was a regular subject of unwelcome verbal harassment, being referred to as the ‘favorite n—-r … He was also a target for anger over unrelated racial issues.”

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Turner said he was a top sales manager at the dealership, but was fired despite his quality performance once he reported the harassment. He is seeking compensatory damages

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“I worked very long and hard to attain that position. I wasn’t about to quit,” Turner told WTHR. “Their mantra is the best or nothing, but at this particular moment, I don’t think they’re the best.”